Trx Pro Suspension Trainer Single Unit Kit


Pro Suspension Trainer 4, Single Unit


Lead Time 2-4 Weeks


Video: TRX Pro Suspension Trainer

TRX Pro Suspension Trainer 4, Single Unit Video

Used by Olympians, Pro Athletes and fitness fanatics worldwide, TRX Pro 4 System is our most advanced and versatile Suspension Trainer ever, built for those who enjoy challenging body weight workouts. Features adjustable foot cradles, upgraded webbing and Microban-treated antimicrobial, textured rubber handles.

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Single Unit Kit is perfect for fitness fanatics and gym-goers alike. This comprehensive set will allow you to perform a variety of dynamic exercises from the comfort of your own home or gym. The adjustable straps allow for a full-body workout with just one piece of equipment, making it a great addition to any exercise routine.

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer is designed to be easy to use and adjustable to any fitness level. With the adjustable straps, you can set them at different lengths to create exercises and challenges that cater to your personal fitness goals. This also makes it easy to switch between exercises during a workout as well as switch between low and high intensity exercises for a complete workout.

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer utilizes a portable design which makes it great for those on-the-go. This allows you to take your workouts with you, no matter where you go. It’s light and small enough to fit into a gym bag, carry-on, or briefcase, and with its included door attachment, you can use it in your hotel room or wherever you may be.

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer also comes with an extensive library of exercise videos and tips. With the videos, you can learn proper technique and form, as well as try out different workouts to keep your routine interesting. You can also find more exercises to do with the TRX online, making it great for personal trainers who are looking to provide their clients with tailored workouts.

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer Single Unit Kit is an excellent resource for anyone looking to add a dynamic and versatile piece of equipment to their workout. It’s easy to use with its adjustable straps and its included door attachment makes it easy to setup and use in any location. Additionally, the included videos and tips help you master the proper technique and form so you can get the most out of your workouts.

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Weight 1 lbs


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3 reviews for Trx Pro Suspension Trainer Single Unit Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kristin K

    I was very excited to not only find these in stock, but the gym-quality ones for such a good price. Very pleased. I love the rubber grip. Does not come with a wall anchor, you would have to buy that separately.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I ordered the TRX Pro 4 as an addition to my home gym setup. They’re a must-have in my opinion. You can do so many functional exercises, be it push, pull, core, or leg movements. These straps act as a substitute for otherwise costly pieces of gym equipment. And honestly, I find them more challenging/effective than using most stationary equipment because you’re forced to use more muscles for stabilization. Take the hamstring curl for instance; performing the movement using TRX straps requires you to engage your core AND your hamstrings. Most machines only target a specific muscle group. As for installation, I hung the TRX from my squat/power rack, which is roughly 7’ in height. Fits perfectly between the pull-up bars, and they can be clipped/unclipped in seconds to get the straps out of the way when not in use. I would recommend the TRX Pro 4 to anyone, especially given that most of us are working out from home these days. US Fitness Supply had the best price too. 😉

  3. 5 out of 5


    wife delighted

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