Thigh Lunge Exercises

Thigh lunges are a great exercise to work the muscles in your thighs, hips, and glutes. They are simple to perform and can be done with or without weights. This article will go through the steps of performing a basic lunge exercise, as well as provide variations and tips to help you get the most out of your workout.

Step 1: Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and your core engaged.

Step 2: Take a large step forward with your right foot. Your right knee should be directly over your ankle, and your left knee should be hovering just above the ground.

Step 3: Push through your right heel and step back to your starting position.

Step 4: Repeat on the opposite side, stepping forward with your left foot.


  • Keep your upper body straight throughout the exercise.
  • Make sure your front knee stays directly over your ankle and does not extend past your toes.
  • Engage your core and keep your hips level.
  • Breathe deeply throughout the exercise.


  • Weighted lunges: Hold a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell in each hand to increase the intensity of the exercise.
  • Reverse lunges: Instead of stepping forward, step backward with one foot, bending both knees to lower your body toward the ground.
  • Curtsy lunges: Cross one foot behind the other and lunge down, keeping your weight evenly distributed between both feet.
  • Plyometric lunges: Add a jump between each lunge to increase the intensity of the exercise.