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Q:Why are there shipping delays and why are they so long?

A: There are many many reasons – the simple answer is. The fitness industry is at its max right now. Products are so sought after and in such demand manufacturing facilities cannot keep up with the demand. These shipping delays will be in place throughout the summer and possibly well into the holiday season, for some manufacturers. Patience is going to be key here. Your order is placed into a shipping que via order date as soon as your order is placed and processed. As products become available, your product for your order is shipped out based on the order date of your order. If you are not willing or simply cannot wait then we recommend to not order. If you are not concerned about the wait times and want to get your order into the shipping que as fast as possible, then we recommend you order.


Q: What does it mean when it says my order is processing?

A: Processing means that the order has been accepted into the warehouse or fulfillment center to begin the process of fulfillment.


Q:How long are your processing times?

A: When an order is received it takes 2-4 days to process and to be sent to the warehouse. It will stay in the processing state until it is shipped.


Q:What is the status of my order?

A: Your order status can be found at 


Q:When will my order ship?

A:All estimated shipping dates can be found on the order confirmation email as well as the product page when you are ordering. Keep in mind these are Estimated and the actual date can vary


Q:I never received an order confirmation email, where is it?

A:Please check your spam folder and move us to your inbox


Q:It's past the estimated shipping dates, when will my order ship?

A: All shipping dates are estimates, all products currently have long lead times due to the influx of orders the fitness industry is experiencing. Your order will get shipped.


Q:Do weight plates come in singles or pairs?

A:All weight plates come individually. Unless specifically otherwise stated.


Q:Do dumbbells and plates come in singles or pairs?

A: All dumbbells and plates come individually. Unless specifically otherwise stated.


Q:What are the current shipping times?

A: All shipping delays and times will be posted on product pages. If no delay is stated then it is an approximate 10-14 business day delay. 


Q:How can I get my order faster?

A: Unfortunately you can not. The delays on fitness products are nation wide and the delays are affecting everyone.


Q:Can I get any products faster?

A: Yes there are a few Commercial Grade Manufacturers that are not experiencing as high of lead times as others. Generally the commercial grade items are shipping the fastes with an approximate 2-4 week delay. 


Q:How do I cancel an order?

A: You can cancel an order by contacting [email protected] please provide order number as well as reason for cancellation. However please keep in mind we are experiencing approx. 14 day turn around time for successful cancellations. When we cancel an order we must also cancel the order with the manufacturer and specific shipping fulfillment center. We are delayed, the manufacturers are delayed, the fulfillment centers are delayed. We can not cancel your order immediately for specific items as we need to confirm the cancellation in its entirety.


Q:Is there a fee to cancel an order?

A: There is a minimum fee of 2.9% to cancel any credit card debit card order. This fee is directly associated with our Merchant account which handles credit card payments and credit card cancellations. There is no cancellation fee associated for any order placed using PayPal or Affirm.


Q:What is the refund process?

A: Please allow 14 days for the order to be processed as cancelled. Once you receive a credit memo email we have cancelled your order. It is then up to your bank and or card carrier to determine how fast they return the monies. Please note Due to long lead times and delays in addition to a large number of cancellations, we are now enforcing a strict Store Credit only Policy in regards to Cancellations. Cancellations on behalf of COVID Delays and back orders are completely understandable. However it is very time consuming, resource heavy and costly to perform the amount of cancellations we have seen since COVID. Any orders for products clearly marked with an estimated shipping delay and or back order notice will ONLY be eligible for refunds in Store Credits! We will allow the customer 48 hours from the time of purchase to cancel the order of said products for a full refund via the original payment method provided. However any cancellations after a 48 hour period will be eligible for Store Credit ONLY!


Q:What happens if I file a dispute?

A: If we are not able to cancel your order fast enough and you file a dispute please note a few things. Paypal - A Paypal dispute process can take up to 20 days. This is Paypal policy and we have no involvement in it. Credit Card - A Credit Card dispute process can take longer then 70 days depending on your bank and or cardholder. This is determined by your bank and or card holder and we have absolutely nothing to do with this process.


Q:I received tracking information for my order but I only received part of my order?

A: Many items will be shipped separately. Especially if your items are from different manufacturers and or have different estimated shipping times associated with them. For any items you did not receive, you will receive a separate tracking number for those items with an additional email stating the separate tracking number