Legend Fitness Selectedge Functional Trainer


Chrome-plated, 2-inch square adjustment columns with laser-cut numbering. Multiple pull-up options, including rock climbing grips. Back panel features attachment storage and large instructional placard. Fully enclosed weight stacks. Glass-reinforced PowerMax pulleys prolong cable life. Aviation-grade cables. Two 250-lb weight stacks are standard, upgrade available. Stylish architecture compliments contemporary fitness environments. Attachments include molded grip web handles, short bar, long bar, curl bar, tricep rope, and an ankle cuff. Legend Lead Times Approx 2-9 Weeks Call For Details

SKU: L-1130

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Lead Time 2 Months


Video: Legend SelectEDGE Functional Trainer

Legend SelectEDGE Functional Trainer Video

SelectEdge Product Line

Clean lines and hidden cables give the SelectEDGE machines a uniform profile, helping them look right at home in modern club environments. Big weight stacks and smooth motion make them relevant for stronger users, while performance-grade durability and ease of maintenance will bring fitness facility operators coming back for more. We weren’t messing around when it came to SelectEDGE’s durability and strength. Eleven gauge, mandrel-bent ovalized tubing, aviation-grade cables and high durometer fiberglass-polymer pulleys with sealed bearings complete its robust construction. The guide rods that the weight stack travels upon are 1-inch solid steel and chrome plated for smooth motion. The seating pads are contoured, upholstered with double-stitched vinyl and secured to thick support boards with chamfered edges. This high-performance line boasts the functionality that users have come to expect from a pin select training collection. Weight stack and pulley designs appeal to the more advanced weightlifter, while easy-to-use instructional placards and bright yellow pop pins guide beginners through position adjustment. The weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to the stack to prevent misplacement. Hidden springs assist in lifting bottom seats, making the SelectEDGE’s mechanically-assisted adjustability a prized feature.

The ultimate in versatility from the premium SelectEDGE line, this functional trainer features the style and functionality that modern fitness facilities demand. The sleek design is indicative of our advanced SelectEDGE line, but this device is more than just a pretty face. Aviation-grade sheathed cables glide across PowerMax pulleys with shielded bearings. Functional features: The swiveling pulley assemblies are sandwiched between steel plates and are adjustable to one of 20 height positions on chrome-plated, 2×2-inch, 11 gauge steel columns with laser-cut numbering. A small handle grip and a pop pin facilitate height adjustments. There are four sets of pull-up grips: narrow, wide angled, neutral, and rock climbing. High quality shielded bearings provide smooth movement. Advanced features: Two 250-pound weight stacks are standard, in 10-pound increments, with 300-pound stacks available as an upgrade option. Seven attachments are provided for upper and lower body exercises: two nylon web handles with molded grips, a short bar grip for bat and golf swing exercises, a long bar with eyelets on each end for barbell exercises, a two-handed rope grip for tricep pulldowns and ab crunches, a rotating, chrome-plated curl bar with two sets of grip locations, and a padded neoprene ankle cuff for hip and leg exercises. The back panel provides clearly denoted storage spaces for each of the attachments as well as an instructional placard detailing exercises for all of the supplied attachments. Aesthetic features: Two-tone powder coat for frame/cross members/side panels is a no-cost option. Weight stacks are fully enclosed by steel panels for safety/appearance. Laser-cut steel forms house upper pulleys and elevate the frame off the floor. All of these features combine to create an extremely versatile machine that will be a welcome asset in any fitness club or athletic training facility.

The Legend Selectedge Functional Trainer is one of the most revolutionary pieces of exercise equipment on the market. This all-in-one system has been designed to provide a comprehensive workout with just one machine. It offers an amazing range of motion for a variety of exercises, helping users to develop and strengthen their entire body. The frame is built to last with a commercial-grade construction, and the system features an adjustable weight stack ranging from 10lbs to 300lbs. This allows you to customize your workout and challenge yourself as your strength and fitness levels improve.

The Legend Selectedge Functional Trainer is equipped with two independent pulley systems, giving you maximum versatility when it comes to selecting exercises. It also features two adjustable cable columns and a multi-purpose functional core board. With all these features combined, you can perform over 100 different exercises, from basic strength training to complex functional movements. The pulley systems provide smooth transitions between exercises and also allow you to easily adjust the weight stack to your desired level. The cable columns are also adjustable so you can tailor your workout even further.

The Legend Selectedge Functional Trainer also includes an adjustable weight-assisted chin/dip bar and a bench press attachment. This allows you to focus on specific muscle groups and get the best out of your workout. The weight-assisted chin/dip bar allows you to perform deeper dips or pull-ups to really target the chest, back, shoulders, and arms. With the bench press attachment, you can perform a variety of chest exercises such as incline and decline presses as well as flat presses.

The Legend Selectedge Functional Trainer also includes a variety of accessories for convenience and safety. The machine comes with a multi-functional training board, lat pulldown attachment, low-row attachment, and cable handles. These all work together to provide a complete workout solution and ensure that you are doing the correct exercises for optimal results. The attachments also make it easy to progress your workouts over time and tailor them to your specific needs.

Overall, the Legend Selectedge Functional Trainer is a comprehensive piece of fitness machines that is perfect for both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Its adjustable weight stack, multi-functional attachments, and smooth transitions between exercises make it one of the best pieces of equipment for achieving results. Whether you’re looking for a full body workout or a specific muscle group focused routine, this machine has you covered.

SelectEDGE Functional Trainer

At Legend Fitness, we are known for our cages. They are what put us on the map when it comes to strength training equipment – and for good reason. Our racks are solid, fully-welded pieces of equipment that last for years and are customizable to suit any athlete’s needs. Legend Fitness cages are a staple in many gyms, athletic centers, and schools around the country.

Cages aren’t for everyone, though, and that’s why we developed the premium SelectEDGE line. It is our sleek, easy-to-use, pin select line of equipment that’s just at home in a robust training facility as it is a home gym. One of the standout pieces in the SelectEDGE line is the Functional Trainer (1130), a multi-function unit that offers dozens of ground-based exercises in a relatively small area. Here’s an overview of what makes the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer one of our most versatile machines, making it the perfect addition to any home gym, fitness club, or training facility.

Sleek and stylish

Like all of the machines in the SelectEDGE line, the Functional Trainer was designed to compliment contemporary fitness environments and be less intimidating than some of the more angular machines out there. The weight stacks are fully enclosed by steel panels for both safety and long-lasting aesthetics, and laser-cut steel plates house the upper pulleys and elevate the frame off the floor. At only 67 inches wide by 50 inches deep, the footprint is small, especially for a multi-function machine, and the angled sides make placing it in a corner easy, which saves even more space. Additionally, the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer is available in two-tone powder coating at no additional cost.

Built like a Legend

The sleek design is indicative of our advanced SelectEDGE line, but the functional trainer is more than just a pretty face. It is a heavy-duty training machine built to work hard but stay smooth through every exercise. The swiveling pulley assemblies are sandwiched between steel plates and are adjustable to one of 20 height positions on chrome-plated, two-by-two-inch, 11 gauge steel columns with laser-cut numbering. A small handle grip and a pop pin make height adjustments quick and easy. Aviation-grade sheathed cables glide smoothly across glass-enforced PowerMax pulleys with shielded bearings. The 250-pound weight stack comes standard with ten-pound increments (can be upgraded to 300-pound stacks) and is fully enclosed, maintaining its modern look. The Functional Trainer comes with seven attachments, which store neatly on the back panel under an easy-to-follow instructional placard. And finally, the crossmember at the top has four pull-up options, including rock climbing grips.

Strength in versatility

In addition to offering four pull-up grip options, the Functional Trainer’s seven included attachments, combined with its adjustability, make it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the Legend Fitness lineup. While there are just 16 exercises listed on the machine itself, that’s only because we ran out of room showing what the Functional Trainer is capable of. Add the dual 250 pound weight stacks and this machine is able to perform a myriad of exercises that can help strengthen and tone your entire body, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. From pull-ups and chest flies to crunches and squats, you can get a full body work out on this single machine, simply using the included attachments. Add an adjustable bench and you’ll find even more exercises you can do. The SelectEDGE Functional Trainer truly is an all-in-one machine and a welcome asset to any fitness club, home gym, or athletic training facility.

Legend Fitness Products are considered by many the best quality gym equipment fitness products in the world. Based in Tennessee since 1977 and 100% manufactured in The United States Legend Fitness is the fastest growing privately owned fitness company in The United States. From SelectEdge and LeverEdge to the Pro Series. Offering 15 year Structural frame warranties proves the quality of all Legend Fitness products. Purchasing a Legend Fitness Product for your Gym, Club, Sports Team, Agency or Your Home, will be one of the best decisions youve ever made when it comes to fitness equipment. The detail and quality is second to none. Every welded joint, powder coat finish and upholstery stitching for every product is done right at the Tennessee facility.

Video: Legend SelectEDGE Functional Trainer Legend Fitness Production Process

Legend SelectEDGE Functional Trainer Legend Fitness Production Process Video

Legend Frame Color Chart

Legend Frame Color Chart


Legend Upholestry Color Chart

Legend Upholstery Color Chart

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Weight 1805 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in

50 x 67 x 90.25

1305 lbs.




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