Store Credit US Fitness Supply

Store Credit

US Fitness Supply Store Credit Information. 

How Does Store Credit Work? Your credit can be applied at checkout using the store credit payment option and can be used for any and all items on our website. Store Credits can also be used in our showroom as well located in Fenwick Island DE.

Does My Store Credit Expire? No your store credit never expires.

Can I Share My Store Credit? Yes if you have store credit you can easily share your store credit with anyone via email.

Send Store Credit

How Do I Get My Store Credit? You can purchase store credit from us at anytime. If you are in the process of cancelling and or wanting a refund for an item that is only eligible for store credit, you simply need to make an account on our website. If you already have an account on our website you are good to go as the store credit total will appear directly in your account with us.

Can I Make A Split Payment Using Store Credit And Another Payment Option Like Credit Card? Yes our store credit allows you to make split payments with other payment options. Simply apply your store credit at checkout and then proceed to enter in your additional payment information.