US Fitness Supply Lead Times Shipping Delays

US Fitness Supply Lead Times Shipping Delays

Please note that shipping delays and lead times will be associated with every product. These time frames will be clearly stated on the product pages of the products. If you do not see any specific lead time or shipping delays on a product you are interested in please note there is still a lead time and or shipping delay of approximately 2 weeks.

What are Lead Times? 

Lead times are a common term used in the fitness industry. Many of these items are not ready made or ready to ship immediately. Many of these items are commercial grade items which are custom made to order. Many items are also pre-assembled before shipping. With that comes additional time at the factory and or warehouse just to get the items ready to ship out. Additionally many of these items are hundreds to thousands of pounds. They need to be palletized, wrapped and scheduled for pick up via a freight carrier which also increased time frames.

Shipping Delays?

With COVID-19 came a huge increase for at home fitness equipment. An increase nobody was expecting and an increase no company or manufacturer was expecting. With that said along with the huge increase in orders brings on delays. These delays are directly associated with lead times as stated above and or backorders. We communicate directly with the manufacturers in order to try and give an ESTIMATED time frame as to when you order may ship. However please keep in mind that these time frames are estimates only. 

We carry many of the best fitness products available to purchase. Many of these items are commercial grade items built to last for decades with nonstop use. They are built to last and well worth the wait.

With this being said please keep in mind that the fitness industry as a whole is still very delayed in terms of product available. 

If you are looking to purchase fitness equipment for your home and want the ability to work out any time. Now is the time do it. Current lead times and Shipping delays are here to stay. If you don’t mind waiting and know that you want to have fitness equipment at home regardless of the wait time. We highly recommend to order as quickly as possible. The sooner you order the sooner your order gets put into the que for shipping. 

Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime. Keep in mind phone support is limited. The best way to contact us is via Email

Thank You & Stay Healthy

~ US Fitness Supply Staff